Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 5, Budapest – Losing my camera, West End Mall, New cloathes, Internet (finally) at Svenni‘s and Ebbi‘s, Paul van Dyk

Saturday September 15, 2007

Woke up at around 2 o‘clock and noticed that Steinunn wasn‘t at home. She was out looking for a ticket for Karolina to come see the nr. 1 DJ at the moment, Paul van Dyk, tonight. We decided to meet up at the West End Mall and I got ready, put on some jogging pants got all my stuff (camera, phone, etc.) and decided not to take a bag since my pockets seemed to hold it all anyway. So I went out and to the metro and when I got to the metro station where the mall was at I decide to take a picture of the sign of the mall and the metro station together. And what do I discover??? NO CAMERA in my pocket! I‘m really glad that my first instinct was not to panic, I just thought: “Ok, can’t change the past…just what you are going to do with the present” But it’s kind of cool that it happened cause it gave me a new experience of Budapest. First I tried to talk to the woman at the ticket office but she was helping some Swedes, and since she didn’t speak any English I had to help them and then of course the woman at the ticket office couldn’t help me. I met up with Steinunn and she told me that she had coppied the pictures from my camera, all of them, to her computer that morning. I told her that even when I’m unlucky I seem to be lucky :D The pictures were all that mattered anyway. We then found a guy that spoke Spanish, Italian, Portuguese but not a word in English. He had to take me to the tourist information office so that she could translate what I was talking about for him. He took me to the metro office and called the train stops to find out if anyone had seen a camera. I was sure I’d lost it while sitting on the train since I noticed that the pocket formed a loop of sorts when I sat down. The answer was of course no…or I think so, cause none of the people at the metro office could speak English and the tourist information was too far away. I had to rely on the head shaking and pointing language that everyone in the world seems to speak ;)

While we were at the metro office I showed Steinunn the “extra key” that I had taken from their apartment, which I had remembered her talking about. Before I left I had been “alone” in the apartment for more than an hour and I called to make sure there was no one there…because you need a key to open the lock from both sides of the door. With this in mind I locked the door and left. Now…back to the metro station where I’m showing Steinunn the “extra key”…her face turns black, red and finally her jaw drops to the floor. “You did what?????” Steinunn asked, and she explained that there was no extra key and her flat mate must be locked inside their apartment. She made a phone call and so it was…I had locked one of the people inside that were so graciously hosting me! Steinunn took the “extra key” and hurried home while I went to the West End Mall since I was in some serious need of clothes.

Like I said before I only took with me a small backpack, a computer bag I used when I had a laptop in school….and in that kind of bag you don’t really pack a lot of stuff ;) All my clothes had been used and I needed a T-Shirt, underwear, socks and some pants. To my amazement I tried on jeans that were 38 inches and they were a little big on me…I love losing weight…it’s the only losing I like but I guess that’s something…right? ;) Then I got the underwear, socks and went to the Nike store where I fit into jogging pants that were XL…gotta love the losing ;) Bought my Jean Paul Gaultier perfume and was on my way home after going to a computer store, getting to use their internet for a minute to get the mobile phone number of Carmen…the woman I’m staying with in Hamburg….so I could sms her :D

When I got home I met Steinunn’s flat mate, the one I locked inside. I did not have words to say how sorry I was for locking her in. She was so nice about it, said that she’s so afraid of thieves that she’s rather be locked inside then out and that she hardly noticed. She was asleep, taking a nap, when I left out and didn’t hear me. I invited her to come with us to the Paul van Dyk concert, my treat, but she wouldn’t hear of it….soooo kind and nice!!! Thank you!!!

Next on the agenda was internet usage, I hadn’t been able to use the internet for a while and we went to Svenni’s and Ebbi’s flat (they live in the same building as Steinunn). They are Icelandic and also Erasmus students here in Budapest. They are so kind, especially Svenni who loaned me his computer so I could blog and answer emails!!! Thank you thank you thank you Svenni and Ebbi!!!!

When I was taking a shower I noticed something lying on the bed. It was my camera!!!! Evidently it had fallen out of my pocket just before I left the apartment. Hehehehe…even when I’m unlucky I’m lucky :D

Karolina, German Erasmus student, met us at the train station next to us and we went to Stefan’s, Jim’s and Laura’s flat. They are all from the Netherlands and are also here as exchange students. They had just made a Tiky bar from scratch and man it was cool. I got the whole picture tour of the making and the royal debut and everything. We then all headed out for the “concert” of Paul van Dyk. We were all kidding around a lot and had loads of fun just getting there.

I don’t really have words for the concert itself. We were there from a little before 11 and left at 5 (except Karolina, she left around 3-3.30, took a taxi) and it was A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I danced from the moment I entered, all through the night…in the line for the bathroom I was still dancing!!! Party time!!! The DJ’s were all really good in my opinion and I had loads of fun!!! Thank you Steinunn for recommending this!!! There were somewhere between 10-15 thousand people there and the light show was awesome as well as the fire that shot from the stage as DJ Paul van Dyk was there.

On the way home Jim was playing some more Trans music as well as more electronic music and I couldn’t stop dancing…even on the way to the metro, at the metro station and everything!

When I got home I spent again a lovely moment with my “Friends” and was asleep around 7 in the morning. The thought of the day is that Budapest seems to be a more extreme version of what Iceland is famous for. Iceland is famous for its partying but we’re only good at it on Friday and Saturday and not in the way the Hungarians are. The Budapest night life is everyday and there is always a party. There is also a lot of geothermal water here and a lot of beautiful nature…hummm…was wondering why I liked this place so much. With this thought I fell asleep.

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